And where would we be without the wonderful support, encouragement and inspiration from colleagues, friends and family all across Quebec and beyond?  Here are the names of people who have helped us so far, and the list continues to grow…

Dwane Wilkin from the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) and the 2012 Storynet Documentary Challenge, for believing in the project and the financial support to start Living on the Edge;

Coleen MacKinnon, for getting us started as filmmakers;

Patricia Bergeron, for getting us excited about non-linear storytelling

Jean-Philippe Raboin, RH Solutions, for IT support;

Heidi Holtz, Stillwork Consulting, for advice on fundraising and social media;

Heidi Hoff, for linguistic revision (Hoff & Fortier, Services de traduction et de communication L’Isle-Verte);

Carl Hurens, for scanning our old slides;

Mark Sandiford from Beachwalker Films, for his advice and support to newbie filmmakers;

Carrie Haber, Producer, CBC Absolutely Quebec, for her encouragement;

Viveka Melki & Adam Pajot Gendron, Tortuga Films, for their constant advice and equipment;

Marie-Josée Rosset, for her poetic translation “Les berges à la dérive”

David Didier, Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR), Centre d’Études Nordiques, graduate student;

Pascal Bernatchez, Chaire de recherche du Québec en géoscience côtière, UQAR, for aerial photos;

And last but not least, our children — Charlotte, Anna and Jonas — for their patience and understanding during those post-production weeks when we forgot to make dinner…and to the men who made those dinners and many more, Jean and Chris!


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