You can contribute to the post-production phase of Living on the Edge by clicking the PayPal link below.

Here is a brief summary of the Living on the Edge film project to date:

Part l: Production
The Living on the Edge Film Project became a reality in June 2012 following our award of a competitive grant from the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network StoryNet Documentary Challenge 2012. With these funds, we were able to successfully complete the first phase of this multimedia film project which follows Joan on a photographic journey of more than 5000 km through three regions of eastern Quebec to document how people are already affected by and adapting to climate change.

We conducted more than a dozen interviews, in the Lower Saint Lawrence, Gaspe Coast and the Magdalen Islands. To date, the feedback on the raw film footage and Joan’s gorgeous still photos of the Saint Lawrence has been exceptional. Notably, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (“CBC”) has confirmed a letter of interest in the Living on the Edge Film Project.

Part 1 of this labor of love was completed on a shoestring budget by our two-woman team. We are first-time filmmakers but we are determined to make this project a success and ensure the film’s subject matter benefits from a broad audience and support. Thank you all for believing in this project. We couldn’t have come this far without your kind words and moral support throughout the first phase.

Part 2: Post Production
This second phase is the most interesting and challenging part of the project as we weave together the thousands of still images and hours of video, audio and interviews into a compelling visual feast that will bring climate change closer to home. Because of the complexity of the work and our goal to produce a professional film worthy of the topic, we need to raise an additional CDN $20,000 in order to hire professional editors, sound mixers and translators, as well as to rent an editing suite. Originally, we planned to complete this second phase on our own to keep the budget requirements to a minimum. We now recognize our technical limits and acknowledge the importance of bringing in professional editors at this critical stage to deliver a final product.

Script Revision – $2,000
Edit suite (rental, off-line edit/ on-line edit/original score/sound mix) – $16,000
Translation / sub-titles – $5,000
Screenings/Distribution DVDs – $2,000

We are grateful to the few professionals already onboard to help with the post production who have lowered their standard fees in the spirit of helping to spread the message about climate change. Our objective is to complete the film by early July. In order to achieve this ambitious schedule, we need to engage professional editors and sound mixers over the next eight weeks. We are in the process of sourcing additional sponsors but even if we succeed 100% on this front, we will be short of our funding goal.

Family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, and patrons of the arts – this is where we need your help. All contributions will be acknowledged in the film credits and all contributions over $100 will receive an invite to the screening scheduled for September 2013.

Thank you in advance for the support! Please come back to this blog and visit our Facebook page to check our progress on reaching our goal.

**If you have a problem with PayPal – Give them a call directly (because a few people have had problems – we apologize for that!!) 1-888-221-1161 (Their call centre is in Nebraska and wow are they helpful!)

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