Living on the Edge 2015

I am putting the Living on the Edge Film project to bed for 2015 with a feeling of true contentment – as well as a great sigh of relief. What a year it’s been!

My dream was to tell a heartfelt, human story about climate change and to get the film on the festival circuit. We succeeded in doing just that and the film hit a cord. The response continues to be phenomenal.

From community screenings in Rimouski and Metis-sur-Mer, our low-cost indie film made its way to festivals and special events in Toronto, Peterborough, Quebec City, Portneuf and across the Atlantic to beautiful Italy.

And I wasn’t done yet! As a former documentary journalist, I truly believed this story deserved a home on the CBC. Carrie Haber, a producer at CBC, agreed and last August, our film was broadcast on Absolutely Quebec. Thousands of viewers were introduced to a beautiful woman, Joan Sullivan, at her best. A gifted documentary photographer, Joan both embodied and explored the human story of climate change in eastern Quebec. Why did that story touch so many? Because it was not only her story, but also yours and mine. In the film, Joan talks about her privileged past, the comforts she left behind to pursue her work internationally, and the difficulties entailed by the major career shift she made at age 50. We feel her frustrations and struggles to make ends meet as a part-time garlic farmer and budding climate-change photographer. But Joan leaves us with a story of hope for the future. It is no wonder Joan and I both decided to dedicate this film to our children Anna, Charlotte and Jonas.

I will continue to provide occasional updates on this blog until March. We expect to have another screening in the Rivière-du-Loup area in February. If you would like to organize a screening, please feel free to contact me at

I leave you with a few pics (provided kindly by Nicolas Falcimaigne) of a screening in Quebec City earlier this month. Although we were pleased to see that many of the people in attendance were already convinced of the importance of our film’s message, we did encounter a handful of bitter skeptics. But we knocked ’em dead! (Or I should say, Joan took care of that with her customary strength and grace.)


Thanks for all your support and ongoing interest in LOTE throughout this past year. May this coming year bring each of us the renewed energy and commitment we all need to confront climate change. Wishing you a healthy climate in 2016 and beyond!

Susan Woodfine


Living on the Edge / Les Berges à la dérive

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