Just wanted to touch base with our devoted LOTE (Living On The Edge) believers.

The film is slowly but surely — and oh so poetically! — coming together. We’ve had a focus group screening and the response was an overwhelming, “WOW!”

Living on the Edge / Les berges à la dérive has been a true labour of love. We’re talking a tough labour of almost three years, Ouch!  But as I have mentioned in the past, climate change is an incredible motivator and a worthy cause. Heck, even the NHL is waking up to the threat of climate change.

So why am I sounding the alert? Well, because the sound edit is almost done! Yeah!  We’ve almost crossed the finish line…


IMG_4873 Photo by Marie-Neige Besner

We are tying up audio loose ends like stray background noise and fine-tuning our music with sound guru, Robin Servant.


Photo by Marie-Neige Besner

While many folks like to sleep on weekends, Joan, Robin and I have had a few early-Saturday-morning and weekend-evening sessions.


photo by Marie-Neige Besner

Robin is also doing the sound edit for our soon-to-be released trailer. I’ll be back next month with more details on your role. We want you to Share Share Share and help us in our last fundraising effort to ensure a strong showing on the festival and broadcast circuit. I’ll be posting more information a bit later. If you can’t wait, remember, we have a DONATE button on our blog. Until then, enjoy those extra-warm temperatures, even if it’s climate change at work.

Susan Woodfine, Producer/Director


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