Living On The Edge – What a year!

LIVING ON THE EDGE – What a year!

We’re almost at the two-year mark. Who would have thought! Our story began in May of 2012, in a pitch for what was described as a web-based documentary. That original idea actually seemed straightforward, but too many good things happened along the way – including a major U-turn for Joan and me as we made the decision to go full tilt to produce a multimedia project (blog, Facebook, film) despite not having a lot of experience or proper funding.  Neither of those obstacles stopped us and we’re proud of that! Let’s hear it for climate change – it’s one powerful motivator!

LIVING ON THE EDGE – The subject!

Joan doing what she loves best.

Joan doing what she loves best.

When it comes to telling a human story of climate change, I could not have a more beautiful subject than Joan Sullivan to carry the message of concern, frustration and hope in this documentary.  Yes, it is the story about climate change in eastern Quebec and how people are being affected by and adapting to it. But it’s also Joan’s story – the story of how climate change has become her raison d’être. In my 15 years as a journalist, I have met few people who truly walk the walk.

No matter what the season, Joan is always ready to tackle a wind farm!

No matter what the season, Joan is always ready to tackle a wind farm!

In addition to the public side of ‘Joan the photographer,’ we also see a very real and raw side of her life: her struggle to establish herself as a climate change photographer and run an organic farm at the same time. As a first-time filmmaker, the cherry on the sundae for me is having Martin Charron as the project’s editor. I continue to be in awe of his poetic approach. He has forced me to stop and think about being creative in a way I never thought possible. I am truly blessed to have him on board.

LVING ON THE EDGE  – Heading into 2014

Martin will be editing the footage through January/February of next year. But the party doesn’t stop there. I then need to complete two other phases of postproduction. I will sit down with the talented James Darling who will lay down the original score for Living on the Edge. I hope he is not too frustrated with this newbie filmmaker’s many missed deadlines! That being said, James knows what it’s like to be busy. This guy is a new dad – baby number four, beautiful Viviane, arrived earlier this month.  He now has his very own family quartet! After James does his magic, Robin Servant will carry out the final phase of production – sound. Then translation and subtitles will be added, thanks to an in-kind contribution by UQAR professor Steve Plante and the Coastal Communities Challenges – Communities-University Research Alliance (CCC-CURA).

I’ll be back with more details on our screenings in Rimouski and elsewhere in eastern Quebec, as well as on the festival circuit.

Thanks so much to all those who have helped us along the way – crowd funders, sponsors and mentors.  We could not have done this without each and every one of you.

Very best, Susan


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