Speaking from the heart….

Here’s a recent article I wrote for the Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence (HLSL) newsletter, which also appears in electronic form on their beautiful new blog:


Check it out and pass it on!  This article provides some juicy nuggets regarding the humble origins of the Living on the Edge documentary film project, some of which we had not previously shared with you.

Bonne lecture!

And don’t forget that we are still fundraising to cover the costs of our post-production phase.  Any donations are welcome — large or small!  Our most recent donation is from Pascal Bérubé, Minister for Tourism and Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the riding of Matane.  Thanks Minister Bérubé for your generous contribution and for recognising that climate change poses risks to the tourism industry here in eastern Quebec, something that is often left out of the climate change debate.

geese, snow geese, migration, Rimouski

We are in full-swing post production with Martin Charron and all I can say is we are creating magic.

Before signing off, I just wanted to share with you one of Joan’s recent photos of the snow geese migration, taken about two weeks ago in Rimouski.  As you will soon learn in the film, Joan is constantly drawn to the Saint Lawrence…


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