June 15th is Global Wind Day

Nothing but good news to report this morning!

First and foremost, my crazy, wonderful, talented friend and inspiration for the Living on the Edge project – Joan Sullivan – has just won an international photo competition celebrating “The stories behind wind energy.”  I’m reposting her winning photo below, which was taken during the construction of Northland Power’s Parc éolien Mont Louis on the north side of the Gaspé Coast:

wind, energy, clean, green, renewable, turbine, construction, Northland, Joan

Joan’s winning entry to the 2013 Global Wind Day photo competition

Isn’t this photo just amazing?!  I keep looking at it from all angles and I still can’t figure out where Joan was when she snapped the shutter.  Check out her website – it will blow your mind!  And here’s the link to the awards announcement by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council.

I’ve always had a hunch about this woman… she’s definitely on to something (renewable energy) and I must admit that ever since I started working with Joan on the Living on the Edge project, I have learned so much about climate change and the important role that renewable energy will play in our future.  Her passion for renewable energy is infectious, as we described in a previous post.  Since 2009, Joan has documented tirelessly the many men and women who are building our clean energy future – people who are doing the “jobs de bras” as Joan likes to say.  Like the iron worker in her photo, Richard Beaulieu.  Joan is always looking for a new way to put a human face on climate change, and you could say that this photo does that just perfectly!

Putting a human face on climate change is also at the heart of the Living on the Edge documentary film project.  This film will share the stories and images from people who have been affected by and are already adapting to climate change in eastern Quebec, all the way from the Lower Saint Lawrence to the Magdalen Islands.  And with Joan’s amazing images of renewable energy, our film also provides a rare opportunity to look beyond the destruction and erosion and the changing weather patterns, to imagine what our children’s future will be like, powered by clean energy.

Secondly (drum roll)….  I am equally excited to announce that we are just $100 short of our second major fundraising milestone to complete the post-production phase of Living on the Edge. IF JUST FOUR OF YOU WOULD DONATE $25 THIS MORNING, THEN WE WOULD BE HALFWAY TO OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL!  So, if you haven’t already done so, please take a moment and make your contribution today to help make the Living on the Edge documentary project a reality.  You can do so via our Indiegogo crowd funding page or via the Donate tab at the top of this page.

And as usual, you can follow all our news and updates on our Facebook page. Happy global wind day!

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