A Word from the Composer

James Darling James Darling

Susan has asked me to write a word about my part and process in the Living on the Edge Film Project. When Susan and Joan approached me, I was thrilled to accept, and have been even more thrilled by the excellent creative energy and cohesive production meetings that we have had.

Film music, in the best of cases, does more than accompany images. It can become a character in and of itself, it can suggest what the camera cannot, it can narrate, amplify, color, act as a reminder or foretell the future…I hope my music does all of this. I hope above all, as part of the team, that we succeed in driving home the message of this film – if so, and if the music has helped towards this goal, we will have the satisfaction of having put another warning out there (about climate change). Thank you for following our project.

James Darling

James Darling James Darling

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