Joan’s Passion for Renewable Energy

I want to take you all the way to the top with this blog entry. Here is the first of many scenes we’re working on for our upcoming film, Living on the Edge.

It’s a sneak preview of what Joan and I have been working on this past year… more to come!

In this first teaser, you will see Joan standing on top of a wind turbine (80 metres above the ground!) doing what she loves best — photographing the construction of a wind farm.  When she’s up there, Joan often finds herself thinking about the woman who inspired her to pursue photography:  Margaret Bourke-White.  Bourke-White was a woman of many firsts — first photographer for Fortune magazine; first female photojournalist for Life magazine; first female war correspondent; and first foreigner permitted to photograph Soviet industry.  She has inspired Joan to feel comfortable in a man’s world – in this case, working on wind farm construction sites all over Quebec.

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One thought on “Joan’s Passion for Renewable Energy

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